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ein [aɪ̯n] photography and design


Thank you for your interest in Ein Photography And Design. Ein Photography and design provides professional wedding photography and album design services. We take pride in being a part of your wedding, and the work that comes from it. We take personal care of all our couples throughout the wedding, to make sure it is the most relaxing, reliable, and exciting day of your life.

Eins (pronounced [aɪ̯ns]) means one in German and "ein foto" means a photo or one photo. One has many meanings to it. The best at something, first place in a race, but we want to focus on one as the only one. One couple with one story told by one series of photography.

We are located in NYC.  Please contact us to make an appointment.

325 West 38th Street, Room 202  

New York, NY 10018

tim@einphoto.net / 646-629-8736

Photographer Tim D. Yun

When Tim had his first encounter with a DSLR camera he was so fascinated he couldn’t put it away. He soon understood it was so much more than a toy. Not long after he decided to make this new passion his profession. In the couple of next years he received a great deal of training from top photographers learning what weddings were all about. It’s at that time that his eyes opened up to what the real meaning of being a wedding photographer was. He has been working hard to make each and every wedding a sparkling day to be remembered for decades!

As a single man Tim never thought much about anything related to weddings. His perspective of a wedding photographer changed entirely as soon as he got married. “I started to see people, hear their stories, feel their wedding jitters. I realized what a blessing, challenge and responsibility it was to be a part of the happiest day of a beautiful couple's life”. He wanted to tell the story of the day through his photographs. “I wanted to document the tears, laughter, excitement and love between the couple so when they look back, they can relive the day. My images will tell a story that words cannot describe. I capture moments that will never come back. I learned how to be a true storyteller.” Tim feels the happiest when he receives letters from the newlyweds saying that the wedding images he had taken were more that they had expected and that they had already framed and hung some of them around their home. "I take it very personally", he admits, "I treat every wedding as if it was my own. I want all of them to be perfect!"


Photographer Blazej Sendzielski

When Blazej looked through the few remaining wedding photos of his parents he thought it was a pity the photographer was not experienced enough to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment of his mother and father's happiest day together. His dad could have done what photographer Chris Niedenthal did – during his own wedding he announced a competition for the best picture among his fellow photographers. Blazej also remembers his dad taking pictures with a Russian Zenith ET which was later passed on to him becoming his first camera. He got into serious photography as early as in 1998. Since then he has been working as a photographer for several press agencies and a major national newspaper in Warsaw, Poland, during which time he gained a lot of experience tackling challenges of wedding photography. After several years of freelancing he is currently mostly committed to wedding and food photography. Now he is also a proud member of EIN photography & design in New York. “Recording the most beautiful moments of a wedding day is the fulfillment and gratification which combines my artistic fascinations and the couples’ happiest dreams. If I can transmit the excitement and the magic of that special day through my images I know I did my job well.” Blazej is a visual storyteller who not only makes sure that the newlyweds have the memorable images that they always dreamed of but also that the bride and groom feel comfortable and unworried throughout the whole wedding experience.


Photographer Joseph Suh

Photography ; capturing and freezing special moment is Joseph’s passion. He believes images can show moments much more powerful than by words. By using photojournalistic approach, he will capture every part of your special day. With over 700 weddings on his belt, you can have comfort and security of working with real professional.

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