A Laid-Back Wedding at the Bourne Mansion 


In the hot summer of 2013 we had a great pleasure to be a part of a special wedding ceremony at a historic manor in upstate New York. We knew the ceremony would be special when we sawtheir save-the-dates cards. Danielle and Marc went the extra mile to make them special: They held up signs that said "Save the Date" and stepped into an NYC bar's photo booth, then sent out the adorable results. Danielle hand-glittered a heart on each invitation and reply card, created by a graphic designer friend.

We love creative and dedicated couples like Danielle and Marc. Their wedding stood out! No wonder it was featured in ‘Brides’ magazine (http://www.brides.com/blogs/aisle-say/2014/04/diy-new-york-wedding-ideas.html). We are proud to be there and make this day not only special but also memorable.

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